GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All 2014 Plus Size Swimwear Collection


A particularly interesting style from the new GabiFresh x SwimsuitsForAll 2014 plus size swimsuit line is the two piece swimsuit style featuring a high waist bikini, which seems to gain popularity this season. Keeping in mind the needs of women who have been blessed with a big bust and need proper support in the area, Gabi has brought a few styles featuring underwire support, which is a welcomed improvement from last year.


It’s worth noting that the new GabiFresh x SwimsuitsForAll 2014 plus size swimsuits will have prices ranging from $43 to $78 and that they are already available for pre-order on and will ship in two weeks. If you love any of the pieces in the new line and particularly the style modeled by Gabi, you should definitely consider acting fast, as many of last’s year’s bikinis sold out in just 48 hours, and we have a strong hunch that the story will repeat this year.


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