Celebrities Who Wear Real Fur


From fur-lined jackets to huge coats made from real fur, the singer has been seen wearing fox, mink and chinchilla. PETA has criticized her wardrobe choices, but Beyoncé remains one of the celebrities who wear real fur.

Kim Kardashian


Not only does Kim continue to wear fur, she also objects when people spread rumors about her giving up fur, because that makes her look… bad. “I haven’t bought any new furs since Khloe’s PETA ad but I definitely will not look like a hypocrite when I wear fur and people put up these fake stories about me turning over a new leaf and giving up fur!” she wrote on her official blog.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Celebrities who wear real fur often make PETA’s worst dressed list and Catherine Zeta-Jones is no exception. The organization accused her of “working her way through Noah’s ark with a knife”. Besides wearing fur coats, the actress also enraged animal activists with her choice of accessories, including an alligator skin handbag.

Jennifer Lopez


Nicknamed “Jenny from the butcher block” by PETA, Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest lover of real fur in Hollywood. The singer, actress and television personality is an equal opportunity offender when it comes to fur. Over the years, Lopez has worn everything from foxes and rabbits to minks and chinchillas. Her love of fur was also reflected in her Sweetface clothing line.

Source from: http://www.becomegorgeous.com/fashion-style/celebrity_style/celebrities-who-wear-real-fur-A12822


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