Shopbop Spring 2014 Accessories Edit Campaign


The Shopbop spring 2014 Accessories Editcampaign is catering to fashionistas’ needs in more ways than one. Not only is the new campaign filled with cool accessories inspired by the season’s coolest trends it also helps fashionistas get their daily cuteness fix. Normally our attention would be drawn specifically to the cool styling tricks and the stunning ensembles with a gorgeous twist, but we can’t help but swoon at the cute canines that guard those lovely accessories.

All kinds of cute pooches strike a pose in the new Shopbop spring 2014 Accessories Edit campaign which includes a variety of cool trendy handbags and comfy shoe styles that match the cheerful spirit of the new ads. The new options are a great set of alternatives that are designed to become instant focal points. Bold neon hues, cool pastel tones, daring prints and cool metallic accents are among the main elements the new campaign focuses on. Though at a first glance the new options might seem to focus solely on making a style statement, the new campaign actually brings a mixture of both stylish alternatives designed to steal the spotlight and cute and comfy options worth experimenting with.

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