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I got to go to a wedding this week!! I’ve written about this before, but the combination of growing up in a poor area plus a lot of bohemian friends means that weddings are a rare event on our calendar. But our friends got married at San Francisco City Hall on their ten year anniversary, with their baby girl in tow (I KNOW), and then the kiddo and I got to attend the reception at a local coffee shop (I KNOW, TIMES TWO). Our friends might not get married often, but they get married riiiiigggghhhhtttt. I’ve been promised a How We Did I on the most awesome super budget Bay Area wedding I’ve ever been to, but till then, enjoy these cute shoes.

And now, it’s Friday, and we’re leaving for a quick forty-eight hour road trip to LA with a sixteen-month-old. I mean, what could possibly be wrong with that plan?

It’s your open thread, hop on it!




My engagement story is funny, but am I the butt of the jok?

Tiny steps to adulthood returns! I’m still waiting for my tiny briefcase.

Hurricane force winds at your wedding? Stunning. Biblical.

Tomboy flower girls, throwing petals, splashing in puddles, wearing bear hats. Like you do.

Will anyone show up to the wedding? You bet some of us had dreams surrounding that question.

Happy Friday! You deserve a drink. AND a fancy hat.


#APW entrepreneurship is back on our Instagram. This week I talked about the idea of working to embracing failure (my internal project these days), plus I spill about that time I pitched a TV show, super pregnant.

One of the smartest things I’ve read (amidst a pile of not totally off-base snark, but still mostly snark) about the American Blogger controversy was written by our very own Rachel. Plus, thoughts about the race issue at play in “Finally, Someone Thinks Of The White Women.”

Moving For Love: The Modern Relationship Milestone.” It’s about time we started talking about this. Forget engagement, for us, like for so many others, this was our big commitment.

Cry warning: “For Life.”

New Army grooming regimens look pretty racially biased against black female soldiers. The woman who started a White House petition to change things says, “I’m kind of at a loss now with what to do with my hair.”

The ever-so-smart Liz got a nod from Jezebel for bridesmaid advice!

“When the women negotiated for themselves, they asked for an average of $7,000 less than the men. But when theynegotiated on behalf of a friend, they asked for just as much money as the men.”

Everything women could buy if they were paid the same wage as men.

And, to take you out—eight million flower petals over Costa Rica.

Source from: http://apracticalwedding.com/2014/04/apw-happy-hour-4-10-14/


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