Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup


What Makes You Beautiful?

They say “Beauty comes from within,” but then, why are we constantly trying to perfect our outsides? Beauty issues have been making waves on the internet the past few weeks. What makes us beautiful? What is beautiful? Well, those are some pretty heavy questions and perhaps the answer cliche as it is, you know, coming from within… That “within” also encompasses self-care and self love. This week we have some wonderful beauty posts, along with posts that share the love.


Links à la Mode: April 17th

  • Adorned in Armor: Sisters Need Love Too
  • Also Known as Anuli: Why Don’t You Write a Letter?
  • Aspects of Style: 4 Things Yoga Can Teach Us About Blogging
  • Attire Club: Mens Mid-Spring Outfits: A Bright Easter
  • Bonjourdin: Beauty Crush: Peach
  • Burgundy Whispers: Beauty Bit:  Clarins Skincare
  • Daisychains and Daydreamers: Bournemouth Blogger’s Clothing Swap
  • DressCode:HighFashion: Backstage at Roberto Cavalli 
  • Fashion Tales Blog: The Smart Tech Traveler
  • I Can Style U: Cat Eye vs. Bat Wing
  • Lara Lizard: Beauty Tips From The Ladies of Medieval Europe
  • Nothing 2 Wear Novello: Trending: Flamingos
  • Petite Career Girl: Orange Lip Trend for Less than $10
  • The Coveted: Why Do You Wear Makeup?
  • The Dragonfruit Diaries: 3 Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress for a Day
  • The Stylist: Best Blogger Hairstyles
  • Trend Survivor: Trend Posting: Sneakers & How to Wear Them
  • Wear it Better: Do You Ever Get Tired of Blogging?
  • We Are Ready Made: Hero of the Week: Phoebe Philo
  • Wild Beauty World: What is Looking Young Anyway?

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