Chanel Pre-Fall 11

The show took place at the brand’s iconic Rue Cambon store in built by the late Coco Chanel. Lagerfeld transformed the couture salon into a luxurious showcase room filled with stained glass tables and rows of patterned pillows to seat the guests. The show was so exclusive and low-key (seating just 136 admirers) that one might assume the designer had simply invited over a few of his closest friends.

Chanel Pre-Fall 11

Lagerfeld explained that his theme (Paris-Byzance) was inspired by the Empress Theodora and the culture of Byzantium. He compared the goddess to the young Coco Chanel, stating that “Theodora was a circus artist who became an empress, like Chanel, who was a little singer and became a fashion empress.” The theme was particularly referenced via Coco’s Byzantine-inspired Gripoix jewellery, which is still recognized even today.

Sported by some of the most current supermodels in the fashion world today (Such as Freja Beha Erichsen, Frida Gustavsson & Natasha Poly) were the re-invented Chanel classics such as the tweed jacket and double flap bag.

Chanel Pre-Fall 11

The collection consisted of many knee-length ensembles and caped jackets – Two of the more popular trends for this season, whilst resurecting the leather skirt seen on Naomi Preizler. The footwear consisted of mainly kitten heels and midi-heels, again, a trend for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 11.

Karl combined the traditional black and white colour scheme with a range of metallics, making this collection perfect for the festive season.

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