The Independent Fashion Bloggers Guide To…Gifting and Product Reviews

productreviewsIt’s been a little awhile, but it’s (finally) time for another IFB Guide to two fashion blogging essentials – product reviews and gift. The product reviews/gifts conundrum is something almost every fashion blogger faces, usually sooner rather than later. Both topics are more nuanced than they’d first appear, involving ethical concerns and (if you’re in the United States) mandatory FTC disclosures.

Even if you’re already doing product reviews or receiving gifts, a refresher on all your options is always useful. It may be time to update a policy or change a paragraph. As with our previous IFB Guides (Monetization and Professionalism), articles are roughly ordered from oldest to newest. I hope today’s guide helps you find the answers you’re looking for.

Which topic would you like to see for the next IFB guide? Any special concerns?

  • So You Want a Review Sample
  • ‘Free’ Ethics: How to Accept Product for Review or as Gifts…
  • FTC Puts Its Foot Down on Blogger Freebies
  • Does Gifting Affect Blogger Credibility?
  • Negative Reviews and Feedback on Companies
  • Ethical or Not: Selling Gifted Items
  • Bigger Better Bolder: Write a Product Review
  • Thanks, But No Thanks: What Bloggers Can Do with Unwanted Gifted Items
  • 3 Things to Do Before Contacting a PR Agency to Send You Free Stuff
  • The Pros and Cons of a Negative Review
  • 6 Ways to Get Products You Actually Want to Review for Your Fashion Blog
  • You Tested a Complimentary Product and It Was Awful; Now What?
  • Does Your Blog Need a Product Review Policy?
  • How to Write a Crystal Clear Post Disclosure
  • When Do Blogger Product Requests Get Greedy?

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