Why Winter Beanies Have Become Our Favorite Spring Accessory

Photos: Courtesy of 

We know you’ve probably already packed away all your winter garb (with glee)—but there’s one cold-weather accessory you should really consider putting back into your daily rotation: the beanie. These early days of spring can be super unpredictable (wind storms, anyone?), and as much as we can’t wait to jump into our spring wardrobes, we also don’t want to be cold. It makes us cranky.

This is where your favorite beanie comes in. Not only is it an adorable add-on, but it’s a whole lot easier to tote around than your 15-pound winter parka, so when the sun decides to take the temperature from 60 degrees to 75, you can just throw your hat in your handbag or let it hang out of your pocket.

Make sure to choose a thinly knit version since we (hopefully) won’t be experiencing arctic temperatures, and you don’t want to swap shivering for sweating. We also love the idea of going with a bold, bright color like ‘s cobalt style (above left)—paired with a chartreuse blouse and emerald pumps, her winter hat looks positively spring-y.

Source from: http://www.teenvogue.com/fashion/how-to/2014-04/wear-a-beanie


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