Emma Watson’s Makeup Artist Tells You How to Look Flawless in Prom Photos


Remember that time Emma Watson looked less-than-perfect? Nope, we don’t either. That’s because the star basically nails it every single time. And you know what’s great? She doesn’t play it safe, either. She wears things like orange lipstick and dresses with pants and still manages to be the Boss of the Red Carpet. In short, she’s our girl crush in just about every single sense of the word.

According to some awesome research we conducted with Poshly.com, the prom beauty technique you most want to master is how to do makeup for photos. So (naturally) we thought: Who better to ask than Emma Watson’s makeup artist, Charlotte Hayward?

“The one thing to remember about doing your makeup for a big night is that practice makes perfect,” Hayward insists. “If you have time, you should try and do a test run before the big day and take some pictures so you can see what it looks like.” Click through to find out more about how to make the cameras work for you!

Source from: http://www.teenvogue.com/prom/makeup/2014-04/emma-watson-how-to-makeup-photos/?slide=1


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