Here’s Exactly How to Pull off Spring’s Gorgeous New Hair Accessories Trend

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Hair Accessories

Perhaps our obsession with the “arm party” has finally exhausted our wrists enough for us to think of something more outside the box. And before you start stacking dainty rings from Catbird all over each one of your fingers, we’d encourage you to think higher. As in, much higher.

Beauty visionaries like Guido Palau, Odile Gilbert, and James Pecis dreamt up gorgeous hair styles for the spring and fall shows, the most precious of which were adorned with fantastic bejeweled accessories. Then, for her recent worldwide tour of the red carpet, Emma Watson showed us all how it’s done in real life, opting for oversized bobby pins and a pretty decal updo that had us swooning.

We consulted the pros on all the accessories options we might try this season, then found some additional inspiration in the pages of Teen Vogue. Click through the slideshow to find out how to make the trend your own


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