Teen Vogue’s Editors Test-Drive Spring’s Bold Lip Trend


If there was one key takeaway from the spring runway shows, it was this: Bold lips are in. And it isn’t all about red anymore (though deep berry and plum had their moments, too): It’s about audacious pinks, strangely alluring pastels, and every shade and texture of orange imaginable. But when these power pouts made their walks down the runway, we took pause: Is this a look we could really pull off in real life? According to some of our favorite celebrities, the answer is unequivocally and undoubtedly “yes.”

In true Teen Vogue fashion, 22 of our editors signed up to test out this audacious new lip trend. In fact, our staff slicked on everything from classic satin lipsticks to matte liquids, lip glosses, and just about everything in between. (Our halls have never been brighter!) Click through the slideshow to see the products you should be trying and buying this season, straight from the editors’ mouths.

Do you have a favorite bold lip? Instagram a selfie and add the hashtag #xoteenvogue so we can see how you’re rocking the look!

Source from: http://www.teenvogue.com/beauty/2014-05/spring-lipstick-editor-test-drive/?slide=1


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