Spa Week Stamp of Approval: Big Sexy Hair


Who wouldn’t want big, sexy hair?! Well, maybe not that big. But seriously, there are definitely days when everyone’s locks are looking a little lifeless, and are in need of some extra oomph. That is exactly where Big Sexy Hair comes in. We put three Spa Week staffers to the test, to see if the brand really delivered on what the products promised. Here are our results:

Liora on Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray


This was my first time trying the Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. I have wavy hair and normally I shy away from hairspray because I like a very natural look and I can’t stand “crunchy curls.” This product is different; it delivered a nice natural hold. I used this spray when I curled my hair and it held up all day, and I got a ton of complements. It’s great for my morning routine, since it dries quickly and it’s just the right amount of hold. Even though it can be a pain to wash out, I will definitely use this when I want my hair to stay put all day.

Kaitlin on Blow Dry Volumizing Gel 


This stuff is actually great for fine hair (or just people who want an extra boost). I’m a skeptic when it comes to volumizing products, since they tend to make your hair stiff or feel weighed down half-way through the day. This stuff definitely actually does what it says, without feeling like it’s even in your hair. Definitely great if you want thicker, bouncy hair!

Dina on Volumizing Treatment


I tested out this conditioner-meets-hair-mask and was excited about the voluminous oomph it gave my hair when I styled it. The product felt a little greasy in my hands, but left my hair nicely quenched (not oily). I’m also a sucker for great smelling products, and it left a lovely scent in my locks into the following day.

Great news for anyone looking to try the products—you can win them right now,! Plus a whole host of other fabulous beauty steals.

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