How to Get Rid of the Dreaded Bacne, Once and for All

Photo: Richard Bush

If the red carpet is any indication, now is the time to show some skin. Everyone fromTaylor Swift to Zendaya is rocking crop topsand cutouts, which means it’s only a matter of time before these daring new staples make their way into your wardrobe. (If they haven’t already.) But for some of us, peekaboo style can be a wee bit of a challenge, and even an anxiety.

Bacne happens, okay? To the very best of us! It happens, in fact, because we’re busy being so awesome and healthy! “Breakouts on the back and body can be exacerbated by working out or sweating more,” explains skin expert (and Demi Lovato favorite!) Renée Rouleau. “So paying extra attention to your chest and back, especially with warmer weather headed our way, will not only make you feel more confident, but it will also promote healthier and more radiant-looking skin!”

The problem is, most of us don’t customize our routines for our bodies. Sure, we have a fancy scented wash and a pretty, lightweight lotion that we apply post-shower (when we remember). But, it turns out, the body can be just as temperamental as your face! “The skin on the chest tends to be less sensitive,” Rouleau says. “So you can exfoliate more often than you’d be able to on those other areas.”



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