These lovely mermaid style wedding dresses wanted by many




You should consider the color previously before choosing dress style. Your mermaid style wedding dresses color should reflect the wedding theme and matched bridesmaid dress color. You needn’t to wear the dress exactly same with bridesmaid, so that the wedding guest can recognize you soon. Bridesmaid may wear knee length dress if the wedding in evening. Consider you are bride’s mom, you should choose the dress which shows elegant and modest. Floor length may too formal for evening wedding party, ankle length dress is a perfect choice for you. Remember to wear a wrap or shawl makes you look more modesty.


It’s not impossible that the bride wear the dress in white color in nowadays, some brides are prefer their mother to wear same color dress feel special. But you shouldn’t choose the mermaid style wedding dresses white or ivory similar color if your daughter hasn’t asked same color. Don’t wear the dress in black either; it makes you stay away from the wedding. Choose the dress which is modest and best to flatter your body. Don’t wear too high shoes, you will stand entire day. You can wear similar color dress if you want. If the mother of groom doesn’t want to wear same style with you, you can just wear the dress with same sash or same jewelry.


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