Naga Thai Massage: Discover The New Spa Treatment


Here at Spa Week we’re obsessed with all things spa and wellness, so when we caught wind of a new type of massage we had to do some serious investigating!

While Naga Thai massage has been practiced in Eastern cultures for years, it has only recently made its way to the West – and in Tucson, Arizona is already offering the restorative treatments at their world-class facilities. Peter Bird, the Naga Thai specialist at Miraval answered all of our questions and then some!

Find out everything you need know about Naga Thai massage, and tell us if you would try this cutting edge spa service in the comments below!

What is Naga Thai massage? The Naga massage incorporates Traditional Thai Massage with the use of silks hanging from the ceiling. The silks are used to help the therapist and the guest find balance and support. This experience is really about the therapist introducing the guest to a different way of receiving massage while integrating Eastern and Western healing work.

How did Naga massage originate? The Naga Thai massage that we created here at Miraval is from an inspiration that I received from a painting I saw at the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok of a man hanging from a rope while doing bodywork on another person. Naga actually translates to Serpent in the Hindi language and seemed to blend well with the concept of wrapping yourself in the silks for support and balance.

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