I have mentioned before my journey this past year with fear and faith and finding answers through questions. This year has been a big year for me in my faith. I have faced a lot of fears and decided more and more what it is that I truly believe. I guess in a way I grew up with truths and a view of the world and as I have gotten older and became a mom, I have explored that more and more, seeing it all through a different lens and coming to a conclusion on where my feet land.

I have slowly loosened the grip. And I realized something about idols. Idols aren’t just shiny statues, something really good and beautiful can become an idol. And if I am saying no to things God is calling me to do because of my fears or anxieties, all my what ifs…. then my heart is in the wrong place.

The last few Sundays at church we have been learning about fear and faith and trust and each time we sing this song I just feel like my life and world is changing more and more. Every time I seek Him for more answers I feel like He reassures me with these words.

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