“The Root Collective has a simple mission: tackle poverty, give back, and control costs for our customers by keeping prices for high quality products low. Each one of our products are handmade with care and skilled craftsmanship by artisans living in developing countries. All of our fabrics are handwoven in the ancient art of backstrap weaving, which means our shoes, bags, and scarves are made to last. Much of our jewelry is made from sustainable or recycled products, including soda bottles. We also give back 10% of each sale to nonprofits that are working in the same communities that our artisans live. The awesome part here is that we put the power in the consumer’s hands and they get to pick which nonprofit they want to support with their purchase. Our mark ups are as low as we can keep them, so your cost for products is as low as it can be.
The Root Collective was founded by Bethany Tran. She is passionate about poverty alleviation, conscious consumerism, fair trade, pretty shoes, and coffee. The Root Collective was born out of a deep desire to be a part of the change in the world and a living out of loving your neighbor as yourself.”
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