Guide you to get one Mermaid Style Wedding Dress

The reception at Room on Main was STEMS of Dallas knocked it out of the park (duh!) on floral arrangements, and the bride did all her own calligraphy with Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses … she can do yours, too! She also had the idea of heightening the centerpieces with helium balloons (embellished with gold fringe) to fill the space to the soaring 30-foot ceilings. And that lighting on the cake table… Matt had that custom-made for the proposal! I imagine they’re doing something equally rad with it in their house now with Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses It was a lovely celebration of two people so deep in love and so wonderful for one another. It was a pleasure to photograph and even more of a pleasure to participate. Much love to Wilson! And I were quite involved in every detail, so it was gratifying to experience our whole day as greater than the sum of its parts.

We are very traditional, but we love a fun party! In keeping with our formal side, we chose classic elements including the color scheme, tuxedos, church ceremony, music and the choir (which was the jewel of the service!). The reception incorporated more fun elements including the amazing dance band, homemade photo booth and balloons! Natalie and Matt are close personal friends of ours, so it was such a joy to shoot their wedding. These two are real-deal soul mates. It’s just bonus that she’s so stylish, and he’s one dapper gent. They had a traditional ceremony at the couple’s home church in the sanctuary luscious with dark chocolate wood and romantic dim lighting. Natalie has a musical background and loves choral music, so the church choir came in on a Saturday just to serenade their bride down the aisle.


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