How to pick up a ideal wedding dress for a lovely backyard wedding

A huge part of the DIY came about because we’ve been playing with lasers for ages now. Although it made for an insane deadline, the wedding was a perfect excuse to do the things we’d never quite found the time with Beach Wedding Dresses. We had an amazing time designing the candle holders and pouring multiple concrete material tests. The molds were lasercut out of thin sheets of plexi, hand folded, poured with a concrete mix and cured for a couple days- the entire family helped out . It was pretty funny seeing architects, computer programmers, and nasa scientists sitting around covered in concrete. We also made a bunch of other laser tests, these included the thick plexiglas escort cards, favor tags, table numbers and the fold up polygons scattered around the room for highlighting the Beach Wedding Dresses Really we just like playing with laser cutters.

Another source of inspiration was the location itself. The majority of guests had never been to Texas before and a large portion was coming from out of country. We wanted something unique to my hometown but also something that described the modern architecture that we were interested in. Barr Mansion, a literal barn with a modern glass façade, was a lovely blend of these inspirations. This juxtaposition gave us an opportunity to incorporate (without clashing with the modern elements) the more romantic pieces like gold picture frames, antique lawn furniture and the chandeliers hanging in the giant pecan tree.


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