Limited budget, and wonderful chooses

They and she are both from California but have been in Texas for three years, so they knew they wanted to have their family and friends come out to their new neck of the woods for our wedding with the choose Corset Mermaid Wedding Dresses. Before they got engaged, they had come across Three Points Ranch through the internet, and instantly fell in love for our “someday” wedding. They and she both love vintage airstreams and the Texas Hill Country, so it was perfect. The minute they walked the venue and met Sally, we knew this was where we wanted to celebrate our big day. She mentioned the 11 Oaks on the ranch, and the site of those beautiful oak trees, we knew that’s where we wanted to say our vows.

Then came the planning part! Because I am a very hands-on, DIY kind of girl (and a bit of a control freak) I knew I wanted to do as much of the wedding stuff on my own and incorporate as much of Wes and I into this day as I could with Corset Mermaid Wedding Dresses from Plus the budget was limited, so keeping it simple was key. Wes is an avid home brewer, so he immediately volunteered to brew 20 gallons of home brewed beer for the reception. Wes is also well known for his homemade jam, so naturally we had to make his famous peach habanero jam as our favors. I’m nuts about vintage mason jars, so they gathered their collection to use as centerpieces and kept it simple with candles and baby’s breath.

How to pick up a ideal wedding dress for a lovely backyard wedding

A huge part of the DIY came about because we’ve been playing with lasers for ages now. Although it made for an insane deadline, the wedding was a perfect excuse to do the things we’d never quite found the time with Beach Wedding Dresses. We had an amazing time designing the candle holders and pouring multiple concrete material tests. The molds were lasercut out of thin sheets of plexi, hand folded, poured with a concrete mix and cured for a couple days- the entire family helped out . It was pretty funny seeing architects, computer programmers, and nasa scientists sitting around covered in concrete. We also made a bunch of other laser tests, these included the thick plexiglas escort cards, favor tags, table numbers and the fold up polygons scattered around the room for highlighting the Beach Wedding Dresses Really we just like playing with laser cutters.

Another source of inspiration was the location itself. The majority of guests had never been to Texas before and a large portion was coming from out of country. We wanted something unique to my hometown but also something that described the modern architecture that we were interested in. Barr Mansion, a literal barn with a modern glass façade, was a lovely blend of these inspirations. This juxtaposition gave us an opportunity to incorporate (without clashing with the modern elements) the more romantic pieces like gold picture frames, antique lawn furniture and the chandeliers hanging in the giant pecan tree.

To be white, and to be elegant

When beginning to plan our wedding, we knew there were a few things that we wanted to be the focus: our faith, relationships and incredible amounts of fun with color wedding dresses 2014! We also knew that while we loved the mountains, we wanted to stay at home in Texas so that all of our family and friends could be there… We just didn’t know that would mean 400 of our family and friends! We needed a large venue that would capture the rustic feel of the mountains we love. My family already had a sweet relationship with the owners of Mainstay Farm just outside Fort Worth. He and they were so willing and eager to serve us by having the reception at their family farm.

Our dear friend and amazing wedding planner, Jenna Lee of Splurge Event Design, was really the heart and creative drive behind turning my little dreams into big dreams. Along the way, more dear friends would step in and offer their talents and resources to make our day possible. She captured everything from the tiniest details of the wedding and reception to the most breathtaking last few moments of a gorgeous Texas sunset with my new husband with color wedding dresses 2014. It made the day so special and I am so grateful for her! The tablecloths were layers of burlap, lace and vintage crocheted pieces. She flew in the day before the wedding. I was blessed to have her joyful spirit with us that day and talented eye behind the camera with color wedding dresses 2014. We could not have been more humbled and blessed by the journey of getting to our wedding day. It far surpassed my hopes and dreams. More than any of the things that made up our wedding day, I am so grateful to be married to my best friend and the love of my life.

The rule of organize the wedding with the wedding dresses

The rule of our wedding from day one was to keep it a light-hearted, simple, laid-back affair with country music and the outdoors with Mermaid Tail Wedding Dresses I lost my father a year-and-a-half before the wedding and didn’t want it to be sad in any way because he wasn’t there.  My mother gave me a small pendant with his picture for my bouquet and I gave my Maid of Honor, my aunt Tracey, one with my late uncle’s picture that I was very close to.

They wanted it to be a celebration of friends and family getting together again in a springtime, country backyard BBQ environment that was very casual and soft, bringing in natural elements like weathered wood, wildflowers, old glassware, and rustic antiques which I love with Mermaid Tail Wedding Dresses.  We also made nods to Matt’s alma mater, Texas in the table “numbers” which were A&M-related words, Messina Hof wine which is made in Bryan, and we played the Aggie War Hymn which Matt and all our Aggie friends sang.


With my family from north Texas and his from southeast Texas, the Hill Country was right in the middle for our guests and is an area that we absolutely love.  Since we were four hours away, I knew I wanted a planner to help with coordinating it all and found Brandi at Fit to be Tied events who executed my vision and feel perfectly with Mermaid Tail Wedding Dresses.  Living on the Texas coast, we originally wanted a beach wedding, but the conditions are almost always less than perfect, so we decided on our second favorite area, the Texas Hill Country.  That was all we needed as a reminder and to have them with us.